Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where did my ovaries go?

CD5 E2 not so great. Only 99. That puts me on the cusp of being a "poor responder." Not exactly what I've been striving for. They're upping my meds again, and another E2 on Friday. G-d, I hope this cycle doesn't get canceled. Does this mean its official? My ovaries have packed up and moved to Boca Raton? Menopause is just around the bend?

I don't care, its time for ice cream.


The Town Criers said...

Oh, sweetie, your ovaries are too cool for Boca Raton. They would definitely retire to somewhere like Aspen or Paris.

I'm sorry--I'm sending good thoughts for your next E2.

Leah said...

Boca Raton is lame, tell them they don't want to go there. Mine seem to have packed up and moved to Naples. They heard it's very nice there. :-)

I'm sorry to hear that your E2 isn't cooperating. There are lots and lots more drugs that they can give you to put your ovaries through their paces. I tried 6 different protocols -- the 3 for IUI were all pretty whimpy, but the 3 for IVF were each different and provided better and better results.

If you want to email me, we can compare protocols. leah_conway at yahoo dot com.

Bean said...

Ice cream indeed! I'll join you.
Sorry for your "not so great" news. My fingers and toes are crossed, I truly hope your cycle continues and is a success. Good luck.

Sticky Bun said...

Ice cream is always a great idea. I'm sorry that you didn't get better E2 news--I hope that things look better at the next check.

hang in there!

Princess Peach said...

Darn Ovaries; they never cooperate. Hoping for better results soon! Hang in there.