Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Its a Beautiful Day ...

I visited more blogs today. I can't believe how many of us our out there on the net. It was so comforting. I wish I had started this earlier. But some of you have been having some rough spots and it reminded me of many of mine. So for me today, I'm putting out only happy happy shine shine vibes.

Today was gorgeous. Sunny, 74, breezy and light. J and I went strawberry picking with our playgroup this morning and he was so excited! We've been apple and blueberry picking last summer, but he was hot to trot for today's activities. He was pretty good too, not too many yellow ones. It was nice to go do something active and carefree. I would have liked to spend a little more time with some of my friends who were there, but things have been a little strained between me and one of the moms (an entire lengthy other post! and definitely not a happy happy story). Suffice to say, my son and hers are having trouble getting along (what 4-year-olds don't?). But actually, I was really proud of J. When a possible incident was brewing between them, he just said ... "I'm going to go eat my grahram crackers" and walked away. Way to go little man! I was so proud! :) Finally he's listening to me?! I did that positive reinforcement thing and pulled him aside to tell him what a great job that was -- but of course when I told him "I want to talk to you" then he thought he was in trouble. Ooops, I guess I say that a lot. But on the car ride home he did blurt out of the blue -- "Mom, I just walked away."

And most of the day he was happy, even without a nap. God I wish more days were like that! We visited the neighbor's kids down the street. Then took strawberries to our elderly neighbors. They are over 80 and have adopted J as their grandson, as they have none. They are so sweet and we will miss them tons when we move next summer.

Tomorrow is another crazy day. J's last day of summer camp preschool, then a playdate, then shopping and haircuts. Wow, I'm tired already.


Okay, the "Amy needs" game ...

1) Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power.
2) Amy is a vibrant woman with emotional and physical needs.
3) Amy needs to contact her phone service and have her number listed so her adoring public may contact her directly and quit bothering me.
4) Psycho Amy needs help so plz HEEELLLPP MMEE!!
5) Amy needs to get out the monkeysicle and do some tests on him and what not.
6) Amy needs some helping drinking apparently.
7) What Amy needs to bring to Saudi.
8) Amy needs your help!
9) Double Periods/Irregular Menstration, Amy Needs Help!!!

So there you have it. Apparently I am in seriously dangerous territory! And I didn't even know I was going abroad. And last time I was drunk I thought I got there all on my own. Oh well.


serenity said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today - I appreciate the support and virtual hug.

Yay for J - that's awesome! Honestly? I think the next time I get annoyed with someone, I'm going to say "I'm going to go eat my graham crackers" and walk away. Good advice to take. :)

Sticky Bun said...

I second Serenity--I love the idea of saying "I'm going to eat my graham crackers" and walking away. And not just because I'd love to see the look on the face of the person I'm fighting with!

Sorry to hear about the rehab. :-)