Monday, June 25, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake (or PIE as it were)

Thanks to the Town Criers for giving us a reason to eat cake (or pie). Congratulations on your Blogoversary and for being an inspiration to us all. Being the rebel that I am, I had to eat pie rather than cake. Okay, really its because I went berry picking this week and had strawberries coming out my ears. So here is my MIL's wonderous strawberry pie. She used to run a strawberry and raspberry farm in Ontario, Canada.

But despite celebrating such a nice occasion, I'm feeling a bit nervous about my cycle now. Went for my first E2 after starting my miracle/good ju ju meds, and got the results today -- levels were a bit low. So they're bumping up my evening dose and I go back Wed. The spectacular nurse reassured me that Dr K isn't worried and that I've been slow to start in other cycles. But I still can't help worry some. Wish I was having US on Wed too, but no luck, just repeat E2.

Why is it that IF makes us so superstitious? I have NEVER been like that. Sometimes I feel more crazy than an NHL player in the Stanley Cup Finals (however, I refuse to grow a beard or wear the same underwear every cycle). But it seems everyone in the process gets hung up on omens and signs. Even the nurse who draws my blood said that maybe its a good sign that I feel so tired this cycle. It makes me crazy! I'm a scientist by training -- I KNOW there is no such thing. But we all do it. Will IF's hold over me never end?!


Sticky Bun said...

I get SO superstitious about IF! The couple who owned our house before us had IF problems, and I'm convinced it's our problem. A friend of mine said she'd come to a feng shui (sp?) cleansing ritual for me. But if I thought growing a beard might help, I'd throw it in. Screw it! :-)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

It is funny you wrote about superstition because today I wrote about all my crazy behaviors this cycle!

Your pie looks YUMMY!!