Monday, March 31, 2008

Drumroll, Please

After almost 3 years of waiting, we will be welcoming ...

A Boy
A Girl

Our anatomy scan went fine. Measurements were right on cue and everything was in its place. The only little flag was some mild enlargement in the renal pelvises in our little boy. (This is where the urine collects before entering the urethra to travel to the bladder.) The enlargement wasn't technically "abnormal," but was larger than typically seen. Apparently this is more common in boys than girls and may be no big deal. They will track it and monitor, but there really is nothing to be done. If there is truly any problems, they would be addressed after birth.

My cervix measured fine (3.7) and no funneling. There was a subchorionic bleed, but the perinatalogist felt it was "small potatoes," although the nurse/tech said it was pretty big. I'm not spotting since the trip out west, so I'm going to not worry. (yeah, right. okay, not much)

We are very happy and just want all to continue to go well.

Oh, I asked The Snake what he thought the babies were ... he enthusiastically suggested 2 Boys! I told him Nope. His reply, Oh Man! Then I told him he would still get a brother, but also a sister. He seemed okay with that.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Nature of Good and Bad

Yesterday I walked into the room to find Resident Boy studying for his upcoming boards this summer. He was watching a little video presentation about various fractures and injuries and their appropriate repair. The Snake had decided to join the study session.

So what do I find? My husband and son curiously examining a photo of a severely mutilated hand with multiple fingers missing. What does my 4-year-old say?

Ooh. That's not good.

Hmm, what does it say about us as parents that our pre-schooler is unfazed by such a site?

Monday, March 24, 2008

What Exactly Does Free Mean?

In our of recent musing about where to live in LA we were discussing the merits of University housing verses apartment dwellings. University housing includes high-speed internet and cable, something we have lived without for the past 5 years.

We were dreaming of the beauty of Santa Monica, but bemoaning the cost of all the utilities on top of expensive rent. So I jokingly suggested:

We could live TV-free for the year.

The Snake's reply:

But Mom, wouldn't that be stealing?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All the News that's Fit to Print

I keep promising you updates about all the happenings, yet keep putting it off because I'd like to do it in some sort of clever and entertaining manner. Since its clear that the time and creativity just aren't happening, I thought I'd just get it over with!

Telling The Snake THE NEWS
We brought him into our bedroom the morning after the NT scan. Reminded him about how he'd been asking for a sibling, then told him it looked like that was finally going to happen. He thought for a moment, his eyes lit up, and he said "Thanks MOM!" and leaned over to kiss my belly. Then we told him there were in fact 2 babies coming. He simply smiled.

Our subsequent trip to PA was filled with admonishing from him that I be a "good driver" to "keep the babies safe." One morning he came down and gave me a kiss, then insisted on giving me another one, then took my hand and put it to my lips and then to my belly -- because the 2nd kiss was "for the babies."

Lately his favorite questions are things like "are the babies punching yet?" and "oh mom, aren't the babies being sweet to you?" and "are the babies hungry? how do you know?" He has been a pretty good helper, but we've tried not to play the you need to be good because the babies are coming card. He is excited and often asks things like will he get one baby for himself, or can one sleep with him, etc. He has been clear that his preference is boys, and that 2 girls would not be acceptable. But he does understand that we have no control over this issue. Which he emphatically informed my BIL when he inquired what type of siblings he'd like.

Follow-up on my dad's by-pass
So far he has been doing fine. He has actually gotten off all the diabetes medication except the Metformin. I'm hoping that one will eventually go too. He says he's lost about ten pounds, which I'm sure will make him look older. I'm nervous to see him again. Last time we talked he sounded pretty depressed, but his personality is such that a long recovery will drive him crazy. And this is just not something you walk away from a week later. Since now there is a question whether he and my mom will come to WNY in June for DH's big residency graduation, I'm thinking of heading down again in mid-April. But it depends on lots of other things.

The BIG trip to LA
So we spent 3 days in LA, mostly in the Palms, Mar Vista and Santa Monica areas. It was too early to actually find and get an apartment, so our goal was to scope out neighborhoods and schools and such.

Our first mission was to check out the University family housing which we are eligible for, but are not certain whether we will receive and have the timing work. The complex is about 4-5 miles south of UCLA's campus, and about 4-5 miles from the Santa Monica hospital that Resident Boy will work at. With the babies coming and our need to buy a new car, we are facing going to one vehicle. So it was nice to see that the U housing is right on a major bus route that goes to both campus and Santa Monica. There is an elementary school about 3 blocks away, which is LAUSD but is considered one of the best in their system. There are some strip malls with in walking distance for me. We finished our tour feeling like, yes we could live there. Its definitely urban and big complex living. But there would be a built-in community and the school was close. And most key is the cost -- significantly lower than most LA apartments, and we could even have a 3-bedroom.

Next we went and checked out a few apartments in Santa Monica. And it was a whole different experience. We really liked the area north of Wilshire and around Montana -- basically filled with shops and boutiques. Very cute and fun. Lovely little houses and apartment buildings. We looked at a overpriced 2-bedroom and got good info from the agent. Who stated that with kids we'd really want Santa Monica for the schools. And they do look a little better cared for and nicer. We did a little more research and we probably could get a decent size 2-bedroom in that area -- but it will run about $1000 per month more. That's $12,000 -- practically an IVF cycle right?

So we have quite a dilemma. How much more in debt do we become? We really want to enjoy this year in a pretty place before we settle down for good. But if we live in Santa Monica, we might not be able to afford much else. And will I meet other moms there who might be able to help me out now and then? But it so nice. And I really worry about the quality of the school for The Snake. I know it's only kindergarten and I'm lucky he is very bright, so he will likely survive a poor experience. But I still want it to be good. Argh! Any advice, assvice or opinions are welcome.

Other News
We also just found out that DH's last day of work is later in June then we thought. He has to attend a board review conference for the last 2 weeks of June. So now there will be NO time between when he finishes work and the conference. We had planned to have him drive our car and stuff out to LA during that week, so that The Snake and I could get out to LA and be settled. I could be there if complications with the babies came up and establish a relationship with a doctor. Now it looks like he won't be free until early July, and he need to study to take the boards on July 18th. So he is freaking out about how we are going to do the move. We may have to consider eating a chunk of money and paying movers, maybe buying our van out in California. I don't know what we will do. I could stay in WNY longer and wait to go with him in July -- but if anything goes wrong then I could get stuck here until the babies come. I DO NOT want to have these babies with my husband in another state! It's just so tiring to have it be so complicated.

Anatomy scan on the 31st. I can't wait. Meanwhile I'm scrambling to get the house immaculate for the realtor to put it on the market. The next 6 months are going to fly.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Forward Progress

Sorry for the doom and gloom. I'm doing much better, really. Sunday and Monday were sunny days here which did wonders for my attitude. And overall, I feel much better physically. I actually had a little surge of energy yesterday and got quite a few little things accomplished around the house. Hopefully today I can follow through.

The spotting was really short-lived, and I still feel the babies regularly. So I really think things are fine. I think the spotting-after-flying thing just really freaked me out since our current plan was for me to fly cross-country in June when I'd be around 30 weeks. While I'm aware this is generally not ideal with twins, it seemed better to take a 4.5 hour flight than spend 4-5 days sitting in a car. But after the spotting, I'm not sure now. I will discuss it with the OB in 2 weeks at my appointment. Ironically, this will be the first appointment I actually meet one of the doctors, as I've only seen the nurse practioner so far.

My only pregnancy symptom issue now is the insomnia. Bad insomnia. I'm waking at least 3-5 times per night. I got a snoogle body pillow and that has helped my back, but I'm still waking up. And waking the DH up too, so he is exhausted. I feel so bad for him, but he won't let me sleep elsewhere since he says that keeps him up too.

Okay, there is lots to share about the trip west and our plans, but I've got to get my day going. So more to follow soon! Thanks again for all your sweet thoughts and support, they really matter.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Evil Anxiety

There are so many things to share about from the last two weeks, but I'm feeling so strange today. Some how I'm just overwhelmed with anxiety and sadness. The trip out west went okay, but after each 4 hour flight I had some light brown spotting for 12-24 hrs. No cramping or other symptoms and each event seems to be over. But today my abdomen just feels intermittently tight and uncomfortable (probably just stretching, but of course I doubt). I'm tired but not able to really sleep. I have a mild headache from not really doing anything all day. I have no appetite. I get dizzy easily (this has been happening throughout on occasion).

I just feel intensely sad and worried. Which is so ridiculous since I've been able to feel movement for a more than a week. I'm 16 and a half weeks and have felt the babies even today -- although my mood has me convinced that it is less than other days. I just can't shake this spooked feeling.

I've finally caught up with my back log of blog posts, and was disappointed to find more sad news lately. Of course there are some who are doing just fine, but is it easier to focus on the bad today. What is wrong with me!?

Our trip to LA was helpful, although we still don't know exactly where we will live. There are literally a 1000 things to get done in the next 2 weeks and I don't fathom how it will all happen when I feel so BLAH. Of course we came home to gray, rainy weather and over a foot of melting snow -- so that's not helping. I am lucky that my lovely DH is home this weekend, and he is keeping The Snake out of my hair. He has been so good to me lately, as always. He is positive things will all be fine, both with the babies and our year in LA. I just can't seem to latch on to that today.

I know I should just let go, chill out today and hope that tomorrow is better. I'll try.