Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Request for Information

Hi Ladies! This is a special shout out to my IF gals. I have a good friend who is not a blogger who has been facing IF. She is double whammied with both PCOS and a balance translocation. Luckily, it seems that Metformin has finally done the trick and she is pregnant in her mid-first trimester. She is a little spooked after talking to her OB about whether or not to continue the Metformin through just the first trimester, or longer throughout the pregnancy. They have not made a decision yet.

I know some of you have been through this issue. Would you mind sharing your decision making process? I understand some circumstances may be different, but I thought I'd check in with you all. She has been through one other pregnancy and I don't believe she had gestational diabetes in that case, nor did she continue the Met.

Thanks for any advice you can offer! And if you'll cross your fingers for her too, I'd appreciate it. (There is still the translocation to worry about too.) Thanks guys!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yesterday and Today

It's strange how one day can be so horrendously horrible, and the next so peacefully serene.

Yesterday an irritable preschooler pushed my buttons and drove me to the edge -- then over the edge. I did and said things a mother should not.

Today, a rested preschooler mostly said please and thank you; there was even smiling. And I was a mother who said and did the right things.


Since I started blogging, I've found myself floating between several communities. I started out seeking support while traveling the rough road of infertility. But as a secondary IFer, I had other parts of my life to explore. So I began finding other "mommy" bloggers. Once we were blessed to find some success in the IF world, I needed to find others with experience in the multiples world (both spontaneous and assisted). I have been lucky to find a cohort of wonderful women who share so many of my interests and foibles. In the next months I'm not sure exactly what community I will fit best. I hope to continue being part of them all.

And now I have received my first bloggy award. Thank you Slouching Mom!

There are so many supportive special people I've encountered in all these communities. But I'll pick just a few to pass this on to:
Ms. Planner
Mrs. Chicken
Lori at Weebles Wobblog

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No More Ants

I've been MIA. Did you notice? It has been a bit of a trend, no? Ah well, as usual, things have been crazy. Cause that's my world -- dead quiet, then crazy.

I was out of town for a bit visiting the folks in PA. We had a nice visit and I dumped more of my "not taking to Cali" stuff off at my brothers. Spent time with my Dad who is recovering quite well from his quadzillion bypass. Went shopping with my Mom for formal dresses for Resident Boy's graduation banquet. Found a rather nice one on sale at Ann Taylor Loft Maternity. Also picked up a bunch of maternity wear at a great consignment shop by my parents. So it was a good clothing trip for me!

Of course, it wouldn't be my life if things didn't go haywire while I was out of town. Resident Boy's clunker finally hit the wall. After hemorrhaging money into this car, we decided NO MORE. So he biked until I came back to town. Now we are down to one vehicle. So, no more freedom for me. But I do get priority for doctor appointments. He's get priority when he's on-call. I guess it will be good practice for LA when we will still only have one car. Oh, did I mention we can't find the title to sign it over to the mechanic for disposal? So I've got to get a duplicate, turn in plates and cancel insurance. Fun.

When I returned, we scrambled to tidy up for the open house that was scheduled. There was a good turn out, but still NO offers! Ugh. We decided to drop the list price. We knew it was high, and might have to come down. But we were really looking forward to making more money!

Now I am facing planning a garage sale, more house showings, finishing up more doctor appointments, figuring out how we are moving, where we are moving, having The Snake's birthday, giving my dog to in-laws for the next year, packing -- oh, and about a ton of other things. Not that I'm complaining, I mean I was asking for something to do the other week, right? Well, now I've got it.

Our next big decision is whether to spend even MORE money then we'd planned to live in Santa Monica so that I can have a place with laundry IN THE APARTMENT, plus with the elementary school a block away. I'm thinking YES. We're already going broke, right? Why not a little more broke?

I suppose you might want a baby update after all that junk? Things are fine. Growth check the other week was spot on. Little boy still has big kidney stuff, but no worse. I'm getting bigger, and bigger, but still feeling fairly good. A little bulky perhaps, but still getting around. They kick regularly and Resident Boy has been able to feel them. The Snake wants to, but doesn't have the patience to wait. I haven't taken belly pictures but have been thinking about it. I'm not sure about posting them. I haven't posted the sonogram pics either. I'm not sure about it.

I'll stop boring you with endless updates. Perhaps something more thoughtful in the next few days.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


No, spring has not brought creepy little insects in to my home. But it has brought an intense unsettled sense. My house is mostly cleans all the time, thanks to being on-the-market in this if-y market. I'm actually keeping up with the laundry. There is food in the fridge. My homemaking chores are essentially done. While the list of things to accomplish for our cross-country move grows. Yet I can't do any of them.

There will packing to do. Moving/garage sale to organize. Yet it is too early. With no home in LA identified yet I can't organize the movers or the move. The weather is still too yucky here (it SNOWED this morning) to set up the garage sale.

There will be a ton of things to purchase for these babies, but even though I have free time and feel good, I can't go shopping. We have decided to move with just the bare bones of our existence, and set up house in LA. There will be things needed for the new apartment, and decorating, but those too will have to wait.

So, I sit here in limbo. Antsy.

Update: Okay, the snow only lasted about an hour and didn't really even stick -- but it was still a bummer!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Growth of Spring

Spring is struggling forth in my region, where winter typically hangs on with steely frigid claws until well into April. But this week, old man winter has been sent packing. And with a brief peak at spring, my mommy blues went to join him, at least for today.

As of late, parenting a nearly 5-year-old boy has been something of an unpleasant chore. Despite my best efforts, most moments were spent counting the minutes until school started or daddy would be home so I could be off-duty. Some of this is circumstances -- not too many preschoolers understand how maintaining your house in staged-for-on-the-market status is draining and means you have NO interest in building with legos. Some is developmental stage -- we are heavy into the it's not fair stage. Some is stress and fatigue, for both of us.

The last few weeks these feelings have given me a lot of guilt. Here I am, pregnant finally with two very wanted children. Yet I had no desire to parent my adored first-born. And while I heard the echoes of all those parenting books about positive reinforcement and quality time reverberating through my head, I just couldn't break out of that rut.

Then something clicked today. The stars aligned. The sun shone. We ate doughnuts.

Today I saw the face of that tiny little boy who would smile at me with a little sparkle. The boy who hovered around me waiting for a little kiss, then actually went to play on his own. And my big boy showed up to help me clean and put things away, without complaint. But sweetest of all, bedtime was peaceful, with a few silly moments tucked in.

I hope in the chaos of the upcoming months we can find a few more days like this, for my little boy is growing up.