Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No More Ants

I've been MIA. Did you notice? It has been a bit of a trend, no? Ah well, as usual, things have been crazy. Cause that's my world -- dead quiet, then crazy.

I was out of town for a bit visiting the folks in PA. We had a nice visit and I dumped more of my "not taking to Cali" stuff off at my brothers. Spent time with my Dad who is recovering quite well from his quadzillion bypass. Went shopping with my Mom for formal dresses for Resident Boy's graduation banquet. Found a rather nice one on sale at Ann Taylor Loft Maternity. Also picked up a bunch of maternity wear at a great consignment shop by my parents. So it was a good clothing trip for me!

Of course, it wouldn't be my life if things didn't go haywire while I was out of town. Resident Boy's clunker finally hit the wall. After hemorrhaging money into this car, we decided NO MORE. So he biked until I came back to town. Now we are down to one vehicle. So, no more freedom for me. But I do get priority for doctor appointments. He's get priority when he's on-call. I guess it will be good practice for LA when we will still only have one car. Oh, did I mention we can't find the title to sign it over to the mechanic for disposal? So I've got to get a duplicate, turn in plates and cancel insurance. Fun.

When I returned, we scrambled to tidy up for the open house that was scheduled. There was a good turn out, but still NO offers! Ugh. We decided to drop the list price. We knew it was high, and might have to come down. But we were really looking forward to making more money!

Now I am facing planning a garage sale, more house showings, finishing up more doctor appointments, figuring out how we are moving, where we are moving, having The Snake's birthday, giving my dog to in-laws for the next year, packing -- oh, and about a ton of other things. Not that I'm complaining, I mean I was asking for something to do the other week, right? Well, now I've got it.

Our next big decision is whether to spend even MORE money then we'd planned to live in Santa Monica so that I can have a place with laundry IN THE APARTMENT, plus with the elementary school a block away. I'm thinking YES. We're already going broke, right? Why not a little more broke?

I suppose you might want a baby update after all that junk? Things are fine. Growth check the other week was spot on. Little boy still has big kidney stuff, but no worse. I'm getting bigger, and bigger, but still feeling fairly good. A little bulky perhaps, but still getting around. They kick regularly and Resident Boy has been able to feel them. The Snake wants to, but doesn't have the patience to wait. I haven't taken belly pictures but have been thinking about it. I'm not sure about posting them. I haven't posted the sonogram pics either. I'm not sure about it.

I'll stop boring you with endless updates. Perhaps something more thoughtful in the next few days.


Rima said...

I hear you on scrambling to tidy up for open houses and showings - that's the thing that drives me crazy the most! Is is absolutely necessary for people to come inside and take a look around before giving us an offer? Sheesh!

Geohde said...

Admiring your reserve to do pregnant house-moving!


christina(apronstrings) said...

ewww, on line sale. don't ya just LOVE consignment shops?!?!

Adriane said...

My LORD you have a lot going on. I would be going crazy. I agree with spending the extra $ to have laundry in the apt.

So glad the babies are doing well!

Ms. Planner said...

Spend the extra $ for your own laundry area. It will be worth it.
I will totally come help you hold your garage sale. And I am so sorry that you will be sans dog in L.A.

Hope you receive an offer on your house soon.

Dr. Grumbles said...

I want belly and sono pics!

Sticky Bun said...

Ugh--keeping the house "market ready" was hard for me when I wasn't pregnant (and didn't have a little one running around)! I give you so much credit! I hope it sells soon!

And, I'm with Ms. P--I would totally spend the extra dough for the laundry. Especially now with the two little ones--my machine is running all. the. time. Yikes.

Hang in there with everything you've got going on!