Friday, May 30, 2008

I am ... (updated)

I am finally packing.
I am getting bigger.
I am selling like a fiend on crai.gslist.
I am going crazy with my kid.
I am not sleeping.
I am having heartburn.
I am excited to shop in California.
I am paranoid the move will fall apart.
I am freaked at finances.
I am getting kicked (by babies) all the time.
I am tired of crappy weather.
I am networking in Cali.
I am going to 2 black tie events in one week.


Update: But I am happy, really. I think.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Painful Purchase

Today was painful. Not because I'm preparing for my second garage sale. Not because the weather here is so crappy that I have to have my heat back on and running regularly. Not because my son just finished a week-long asthma attack, complete with both albuterol and prednisone induced mania. Not because I have only four weeks left until moving.

Today was painful, because I spent over $150 on BRAS. Bras, for gosh sakes! And to top it off, guess how many that $150 got me? THREE nursing* bras. That's right, THREE!

I've officially out-grown everything I own. I tried breaking out the old nursing bras from The Snake, but no go. Much bigger this time. A lovely lady fit me in a boutique shop here. She acknowledged I'm a tough size. Small chest, HUGE cup-size. To top it off, I have a need for short straps. So my choices were pretty limited. sigh

Being that we are shelling out money hand-over-fist with this cross-country move, that was a tough purchase. We do have some cash coming in, with selling our stuff. But it's just not the same as what's going out. Everything will even out, but it's still painful.

Things are otherwise okay. The house sale is going forward. I've made an appointment with a doctor in California. We actually have an apartment in Santa Monica. We booked our flights to move out there and Resident Boy is coming with us for the weekend, along with my brother. The mover is booked. We still need to get rid of lots of our stuff and pack what we are taking, but it's slowly happening. We need to sell our car too.

Things with the babies are fine. I'm embarrassed I've never given them nick-names. I'm just sapped of creative ideas. Last week's growth scan showed both babies are growing and weigh about one and a half pounds. Although our little girl now also has some mild enlargement of one of her kidneys, and her brothers are still plump. I'm slightly stressed about it, but trying to forget about it since there is nothing to be done.

I'm still checking in on most of you and commenting when I get the chance. It's what I do when I take that 10 minute break to breathe. But I might drop off the radar at any point as moving day gets close. Hopefully we will get internet set up ASAP in Cali and I'll be back online. I'll need it for all the shopping and stuff that I'll need to do there.

Congrats to Leah and Ms. Planner on the arrivals of their precious bundles!

*obviously, I'm not nursing yet, but I found this is the only way to find a decent size and comfort, and hopefully they will still fit when my milk comes in. knowing my luck though, I'll explode even bigger.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I think the dominoes are starting to fall.

We finally got a bid on our house and reached an agreement. Inspection is tonight, and it looks like things may just fall into place. The sight-unseen apartment with the laundry is still listed with the property management company in Santa Monica. Resident Boy will try to see if we can still get it, or he will fly out to Cali in about a week to line up an apartment. We've planned our first big garage sale in two weeks. I need to figure out about the mover issues.

Today I realized -- in 6 weeks I will be moving to California. SIX WEEKS PEOPLE!

And today was a miserable rainy day in which I accomplished NOTHING. Oh well.

There will be packing, re-packing, selling, trashing and all sorts of other things to accomplish. I will need to meet new doctors, get The Snake settled, set up a new house, buy things for the babies.

And I'm glad all those dominoes are going to fall. I can't see what type of picture they make.


Sorry, guess you may want a babies update! Had a check-up yesterday at 23 weeks. Weight, good. Blood pressure, good. Pee, good. Heart beats, good. Heartburn started, Tums purchased.

Babies are kicking more regularly the last several days, and harder too. I'm a bit anxious as we approach the 24 week mark and that tenuous cusp of viability. I've been very luck thus far and things seem to be going just fine. There are more and more moments where I believe that we really are going to make it to the end. And then I get nervous that I'm jinxing myself. How incredibly difficult it could be if things go wrong in California, that something could even happen in the brief times I will need to be alone, without DH. I try not to focus on those possibilities, but they must be considered. And then if we do make it to the end, how am I going to manage two newborns, a kindergartner, and a new home all by myself.

One way or another, it will all work out, and we will survive and even thrive.