Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Painful Purchase

Today was painful. Not because I'm preparing for my second garage sale. Not because the weather here is so crappy that I have to have my heat back on and running regularly. Not because my son just finished a week-long asthma attack, complete with both albuterol and prednisone induced mania. Not because I have only four weeks left until moving.

Today was painful, because I spent over $150 on BRAS. Bras, for gosh sakes! And to top it off, guess how many that $150 got me? THREE nursing* bras. That's right, THREE!

I've officially out-grown everything I own. I tried breaking out the old nursing bras from The Snake, but no go. Much bigger this time. A lovely lady fit me in a boutique shop here. She acknowledged I'm a tough size. Small chest, HUGE cup-size. To top it off, I have a need for short straps. So my choices were pretty limited. sigh

Being that we are shelling out money hand-over-fist with this cross-country move, that was a tough purchase. We do have some cash coming in, with selling our stuff. But it's just not the same as what's going out. Everything will even out, but it's still painful.

Things are otherwise okay. The house sale is going forward. I've made an appointment with a doctor in California. We actually have an apartment in Santa Monica. We booked our flights to move out there and Resident Boy is coming with us for the weekend, along with my brother. The mover is booked. We still need to get rid of lots of our stuff and pack what we are taking, but it's slowly happening. We need to sell our car too.

Things with the babies are fine. I'm embarrassed I've never given them nick-names. I'm just sapped of creative ideas. Last week's growth scan showed both babies are growing and weigh about one and a half pounds. Although our little girl now also has some mild enlargement of one of her kidneys, and her brothers are still plump. I'm slightly stressed about it, but trying to forget about it since there is nothing to be done.

I'm still checking in on most of you and commenting when I get the chance. It's what I do when I take that 10 minute break to breathe. But I might drop off the radar at any point as moving day gets close. Hopefully we will get internet set up ASAP in Cali and I'll be back online. I'll need it for all the shopping and stuff that I'll need to do there.

Congrats to Leah and Ms. Planner on the arrivals of their precious bundles!

*obviously, I'm not nursing yet, but I found this is the only way to find a decent size and comfort, and hopefully they will still fit when my milk comes in. knowing my luck though, I'll explode even bigger.


Lori said...

Amy, thanks again for my award -- your public thanks was up a couple of posts ago.

I can't imagine having all that you have on your plate.

Even if you're not posting, I'll still be sending you wishing for smooth transitions on all fronts.

DD said...

Mudock's kidneys were also measuring a tad big, but my OB said that if it was something I should worry about he would tell me. I have to hold him to his word.

I had to buy my bras on-line (still waiting for them to show up). You're lucky you have a boutique to get you set up. That has to be worth the pricetag right there.

Dr. Grumbles said...

Hope they last as long as you need them!

Jen said...

It makes sense to go ahead and buy the nursing bras. Why waste money on other bras now only to have to buy them later? Good luck with the move. I hope everything goes smoothly and with as few headaches as possible.

jakelliesmom said...

One of these days, it will all be easier. I'm just not sure which day. I can certainly tell you that the weather in Santa Monica these past few days should give you a little bit of hope for the lovely days when you do arrive.

bleu said...

Welcome to my world. bras for huge boobs are always expensive, adding the nursing element even more so. FYI JC Penny's has some great prices and choices way below what other places have. I can get the same stuff I get at Nordstroms for about half the price.

Geohde said...

I've had a similar experience. And they're already getting too small...



christina(apronstrings) said...

i have already bought nursing ones they are soooo comfy. can you believe how big the (.)(.) are getting. seriously.

slouching mom said...

oh, you've got a lot on your plate, babe. and a lot in your cup, LOL!

ok, lame joke.

good luck with the move. try to take it easy and let others do the heavy lifting, ok?

Anonymous said...

Your breasts will indeed get much bigger. But, you gotta do what you gotta do to support the girls.

Rebecca said...

I have to go through that bra buying thing intimidating! I had a friend who told me that the nursing bras from Tar.get were great without breaking the case you can check. Good luck with getting rid of all of you stuff...this is so exciting for you!

chicklet said...

I'm with Lori on the fact that even if you're not posting, I'm still watching, and thinking good thoughts for you.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I know it has been said many times before, but if men wore bras they would be constructed better and ultimately more affordable. I am sorry that you had to spend that kind of money. I would find it frustrating as well!! I prefer to buy $9.99 numbers at T.J. M.axx but I am realizing I might have to step into one of those expensive stores that only employ elderly ladies.

You have so much going on that I can't believe you even have time to breathe!!! Good luck with the move and all it involves.


Adriane said...

I swore I commented on this post a while back, but I guess I didn't! Sorry about that!

The bra cost is astonishing. I think that is the most shocking and surprising thing about pregnancy - how big the b.oobs get!

Glad the house situation is moving forward. Sounds like your life in CA is almost ready!!!