Thursday, August 28, 2008


I don't have much time to spew about all my emotions and craziness, so here's the down and dirty update.

The insurance company drug things out then simply said it is not within our policy to cover medical transport. It was insanely frustrating process, which did not improve by bicoastal phone conversations with the DH. Regardless, the waiting is over and we are moving forward.

The babies need to be on monitors, as they are still having occasional spells. Commerical airliners will not permit the monitors due to FAA regulations about interference with communications. That leaves the only option as driving.

My husband will come back to western New York after the holiday weekend. His father will also be here. The three of us will take the babies in our new van across the country. Please pray that it won't be too many days.

The fruit babies will probably be discharged to me tomorrow and we will stay with our friends until after the holiday weekend. It's a little daunting for me to tackle 2 babies all by myself.

Oh, and to top it off ... Peaches had been nursing fairly well and now has decided she is nipple confused. Oh yeah, big time. I offer her the breast and she spits it out and screams. I can get her to nurse with a nipple shield, but I still have to pump too. Plus, Plum finally had latched and actually nursed twice, but he too now refused to latch. The lactation consultant feels that once we get to California and settled there is a good chance they will remember the right things and we can get back on track, but that all the stress isn't helping things. So, it's pumping in the car and bottles for this cross country trip. Boy are there going to be some lucky truckers that get an eye-ful!

I'll let you know when we make it to the other side!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Medical Transport

Cross your fingers, say your prayers and all that jazz. The staff here are making a big push to the insurance company to cover medical transport of the fruit babies to California. There are many medically relevant arguments as to why it is unsafe to both fly commercially or drive. So here's hoping!

Oh, and Peaches and Plum are doing just fine. Plum is off oxygen and both are gaining well. But bradycardic/apenic issues are still ongoing, although mild. The Snake is reveling in spending special time with the grandparents in Phoenix.

Here's hoping that in the next week or so we are all back together

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where Is the Roundup?

Remember how I said the yellow brick road is a tad weed filled? Well, it seems Miss Peaches doesn't want to leave her brother just yet. As soon as I broadcast that she might be coming home, she promptly had several spells of bradycardia. So we are back to waiting. Most preemies need to have several days with no spells before the doctors will release them. Otherwise she is doing well and gaining weight -- she's over 5 lbs 8 oz now. We've even had some occasional success with breast feeding, but she is still not strong enough to exclusively nurse just yet.

Mr. Plum continues to need some oxygen support, but he is catching up to his sister at over 5 lbs 5oz. No word yet on the medical transport issue.

Of course now I have my own particular weeds to deal with. It would seem my milk supply has decided to suddenly plummet for no particular reason. I may have had a super mild cold that set things off, but this week my supply has simply cut itself in half. I'm trying to rest and started taking Fenugreek. Every time I express surprise at this new problem all the nurses and the lactation consultant say -- "uh, hello, could it be stress?" But I really don't feel all that stressed ... honest! My only responsibility right now is the babies. My friends whose house I'm staying at are out of town so I have the place to myself. I can come and go whenever I want. What is there to stress about? Maybe it's just left overs. Anyway, if my supply doesn't pick up by Monday, the consultant recommends trying Metaclop.rimide. Hopefully we won't need to go there.

I'm reading as many of you as I can, but can't comment too often. And a few of my favorites aren't in my reader and are bookmarked on the computer in Cali, so I'm missing you guys! Congrats to all those who have welcomed new family this summer and safe travels to all those yet to arrive.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Emerald City ...

is on the horizon. But at times the yellow brick road has been overgrow with weeds.

Babies are doing well. In fact, Peaches (our little girl, cause that's what her cheeks look like) may be discharged TOMORROW! So I've been scrambling for last minute things.

However, Plum (our little man) has been sort of up and down. Overall, it is still forward progress, but the bottom line is that he just isn't strong enough yet. He still needs some oxygen support while eating. We have a new attending doctor this week and she is going to try and see if we can get insurance to pay for medical transport to California for Plum (yeah new doctor!). This would potentially be great. Making the cross-country drive with just one baby who is relatively strong would be much easier than with 2 preemies. So say your prayers to the insurance gods that this goes through.

Otherwise life continues to be crazy and I wish I had the energy to be clever and entertaining. But hey -- I've got to go buy a changing pad or I'll be sleeping in a bed with yucky stuff on it!