Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Emerald City ...

is on the horizon. But at times the yellow brick road has been overgrow with weeds.

Babies are doing well. In fact, Peaches (our little girl, cause that's what her cheeks look like) may be discharged TOMORROW! So I've been scrambling for last minute things.

However, Plum (our little man) has been sort of up and down. Overall, it is still forward progress, but the bottom line is that he just isn't strong enough yet. He still needs some oxygen support while eating. We have a new attending doctor this week and she is going to try and see if we can get insurance to pay for medical transport to California for Plum (yeah new doctor!). This would potentially be great. Making the cross-country drive with just one baby who is relatively strong would be much easier than with 2 preemies. So say your prayers to the insurance gods that this goes through.

Otherwise life continues to be crazy and I wish I had the energy to be clever and entertaining. But hey -- I've got to go buy a changing pad or I'll be sleeping in a bed with yucky stuff on it!


Magpie said...

Oh, I hope that your travels work out well! And so good to hear that Peaches is about to come home.

Rebecca said...

Great to hear from you again...so glad that Peaches will be released from the hospital. As far as I'm concerned, insurance shouldn't be such a worry and it sucks that it is...I really hope all works out with that and you can get everything started again! Keep us posted!

Tash said...

It sounds . . . exhausting. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

Ms. Planner said...

Your strength in the face of all this adversity is truly amazing and inspiring. I am in awe.

Peaches and Plum are adorable names. And I am so thrilled to hear that the little Miss may be discharged any day now.

You have my good thoughts for Plum, the insurance and the transfer to Cali.

Take care of yourself, too!