Sunday, April 13, 2008


No, spring has not brought creepy little insects in to my home. But it has brought an intense unsettled sense. My house is mostly cleans all the time, thanks to being on-the-market in this if-y market. I'm actually keeping up with the laundry. There is food in the fridge. My homemaking chores are essentially done. While the list of things to accomplish for our cross-country move grows. Yet I can't do any of them.

There will packing to do. Moving/garage sale to organize. Yet it is too early. With no home in LA identified yet I can't organize the movers or the move. The weather is still too yucky here (it SNOWED this morning) to set up the garage sale.

There will be a ton of things to purchase for these babies, but even though I have free time and feel good, I can't go shopping. We have decided to move with just the bare bones of our existence, and set up house in LA. There will be things needed for the new apartment, and decorating, but those too will have to wait.

So, I sit here in limbo. Antsy.

Update: Okay, the snow only lasted about an hour and didn't really even stick -- but it was still a bummer!


Tash said...

I don't envy you one iota, moving or weather. Hang in there.

Shelby said...

Good luck with everything!

My mom failed to mention the snow... Yuck! I hope it's gone and done for by the time I get there in just over a week!

Dr. Grumbles said...

Sorry for the antsiness!

Rebecca said...

I give you a lot of credit for even attempting a move right now. We're getting work done on our house and I can't fathom that let alone moving!!! Just take it one day at a time and it will all be fine...try not to stress out...sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Duck said...

Hey, I'm moving and selling too, what a pain it is.

Ms. Planner said...

You sure do have your hands full sister. The feeling of being immobilized in the starting gate is, well, the worst. Hopefully the ball begins to roll soon and you can start checking more things off the list.

Adriane said...

Ugh - I bet you are super antsy! I don't know how you're mentally handling all the upcoming changes! I am impressed - you are on top of your game!!!

Ms. Planner said...

To cloth or not to cloth?

We decided to give cloth a solid go. I know the jury is out about is cloth better for the environment than disposables. But we live in an area with beau coup water and so decided to go with the less landfill route. We are using a local diaper service for the first few crazy months then switching to Ms. Hippie Planner as the laundress.

Cloth diapering also works well for us because I work from home and have the laundry room directly across from the nursery.

I'll make sure to post how it goes since I am a few weeks ahead of you :)

Wish me luck!