Sunday, June 24, 2007

And We're Off ...

So, my baseline was fine and I started 2x a day injections on Saturday. First E2 on Monday. Its hard to get too freaky until the first ultrasound. I'm not sure if its the meds or not, but I've been wiped out today, with intermittent mild headaches too. Otherwise, smooth sailing. Oh, except I almost forgot to do my evening meds last night! Isn't crazy how this whole thing can get so old hat that you forget? Of course, the fact that we are footing the entire bill for this go round is probably what helped me remember.

In other news, it seems my meds are blessed. Not like I sent them to the Pope, but at least endowed with good ju ju (that's luck or energy). Some of my meds I purchased from one of the clinic's former patients. She was older and had mild ovarian reserve problems, along with male factor too. The clinic only gave her a 10% and she was PG after her 2nd IVF. Another lady who was 42 (with unknown problems) bought some of her leftover meds and announced she was PG. Then, since this woman was offering a great deal on her most expensive meds, I told my local IF friend who is also doing her "last shot" IVF cycle. Well, today I heard she has 7 embryos to work with -- and hopefully all will develop well. So I'm hoping some of that good ju ju sticks with me.

Other brighter news ... we actually DID hire a sitter and went to the movies last night. Probably shouldn't have spent so much, but hey, we felt like real people.

Okay, too tired for more. Wish us luck -- tomorrow J has his first swim class WITHOUT a parent. Yes, that's right, just the teenage instructor to keep my baby from drowning.


Tam said...

Good luck, hopefully this brings you that sticky BFP! Thanks for the comment on my blog, looking forward to watching your progress!!

The Town Criers said...

Those really sound like meds :-) I hope they work for you too.

Can't wait to see the pie.

And I'm glad you posted so I could find your blog. Just added you to the blogroll too.