Friday, June 29, 2007

Tentative ovaries

So, my ovaries haven't completely left the building -- but I still fear they are packing their belongings and getting ready to vacate the premises. My E2 today was 344, so rising and more than doubled in 48hrs. The good news is that I finally have an US on Sunday with Dr K. Woo hoo! The bad news is I need more drugs. I ordered more today because of the weekend, but I'm worried I'll probably still need more.

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement the last 2 days. Especially to Mel for convincing me my ovaries are too cultured for FL. And Leah for offering to compare protocols (I'm still going to take you up on that). And to Tam for stopping by and offering kind words. I'm amazed at you all for how you can support others while your own lives are crazy.

There are lots of ideas swirling through my head to talk about, but DH is actually home for the first night all week. Tucking J into bed and trying to pretend we are a married couple. Avert your eyes!


Sticky Bun said...

Glad your E2 is rising. Sorry about the extra meds, though. But, if it works, it's worth it!

I hope things continue to look up!

The Town Criers said...

Still sending lots and lots of hope and good thoughts. The E2 rising is great.

And I got you on the list :-)