Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holy Follicles Batman!

Well ... scan this morning was pretty good. Had at least 6-8 on the left, and probably 5-7 on the right. He really couldn't measure all the ones on the left cause they were all cluster and smooshed up against each other. All measuring around the 16 mm mark. Dr. Smooth was actually positive and almost enthusastic!

I was so worried that I would stall with the decrease in meds. I still need to get the E2 to be sure that hasn't happened, but things look good. Dr. Smooth figures trigger Mon or Tues and then ER on Wed or Thurs. This is really going to happen. And we may get a decent number of eggs. Wow.

I'm really getting excited. But trying to remember that lots of eggs doesn't necessarily equal a positive beta. But it gives me more hope.

I know some of my cyclesistas have had a little rougher time this go-round. I'm thinking of you girls and hoping things get better. I've been there, and it sucks. Hugs to you.


Lori said...

Love the title!

Great numbers, Amy. I hope this is just the first in a string of good news about this cycle.

Carrie said...

That's great, Amy. Hurray for all those follies. I know a lot of eggs doesn't guarantee a pregnancy but it does give you a lot more choice. That's got to be good.

Will be following closely next week xx

Rachel said...

That's great!

chicklet said...

I'm with Carrie - yay for all the follies. I'm really happy for you that it looks like you're going to have choices. Hopefully it also means positive results:-)

Becks said...

Whahayy!! Thats good news. I think I will be having retrieval on Weds, lets hope we both have a good egg haul and the best Christmas present ever.

Sticky Bun said...

Wahoo! That's great news about the follies--definitely a very positive sign! Here's to a high E2, a great egg count, and more. :-)

Geohde said...

Holy follicles, indeed!

That is wonderful news. Good luck at your ER,



Magpie said...

Rooting for you! Lots of luck.

Tam said...

Wonderful news sweetie, can't wait for the next update, hoping you get loads of little eggs and then loads of little embies and a BFP to boot!!

Thinking of you, it's all happening now, really not long to go!!

Love and hugs xxx

calliope said...

Just saw that you are also a December IVF gal (via cycle sista). I wanted to wave & cheer you on. That is a fantabulous follicle report!!