Monday, December 3, 2007

Blog You Very Much

Thanks so much to JJ for this wonderful BYVM concept. I'm so happy to say thanks to those who inspired me and helped give me the courage to start blogging.

It is tough to pinpoint one single story that set me off into the blogosphere, but like so many stories, mine starts with Melissa at Stirrup Queens. I'm not certain how I got to her page, but it set me off reading lots of infertility stories, and I suddenly didn't feel so isolated. Of those first blogs, there were two that I really identified with. These two women felt like kindred spirits. They were intelligent (as all you ladies are), sensitive, kind and witty -- along with a fun dose of silly. As I wrote my fledgling posts, they supported me with such enthusiasm and love -- in fact, they commented on nearly all my posts that first month -- so, I was addicted.

Thank you Sticky Bun for being your sweet and thoughtful self. You were the first blogger to really reach out to me. You were the first to email me personally and share even more deeply about your experience. It meant so much to me and I am so thrilled that things are soon to get really exciting in your life!

Thank you Leah at Tales From My Dusty Ovaries (although I coveted your title and since I couldn't steal it, thus my lame title). You were the first blogger I could share my experiences of secondary infertility and find someone who totally got it. You lightened my day with humor and fellowship (especially how we both like to refer to our ovaries as dusty, crusty, etc.). And you cheered me on not to give up hope. Your experience has given me the strength to try again with sincere hope and optimism.

There are lots of other ladies whose writing, wit and support have meant a lot. Thank you all for being honest, open and willing to embrace others in this difficult part of life.


The Town Criers said...

I am so excited to have been part of your journey into the blogosphere. And I'm really really really glad that you're here.

JJ said...

Thanks so much for doing this!

Sticky Bun said...

Thank you so much, Amy. This post made me cry. And, I hope you know how much I appreciate all of your support--even when I'm being ridiculous. :-)