Monday, November 19, 2007

Anxiety Setting In

It is probably just the my withdrawal from the BCPs, but today I feel worried. I know its just because baseline it tomorrow. This weekend I felt more positive than I have in a long time. But today the worry is winning. I actually had those brief bursts of hormonal moments where I thought I'd burst into tears for no reason. Fun, huh?

My clinic doesn't generally tell you much about your antral follicle count, in fact they have never told me. But I think I need to ask and compare to previous cycles. To help the hope rebound. Although I know its not so much how many I start with, as much as how they respond.

I'm nervous for the lupron too. I've never done a down regulation before. While this is only microdose, I'm still worried about what it will do to my emotional state. Here's hoping I'm not a raving lunatic for Turkey Day.

I know things will be fine. I just know I'll be better once I get that first E2, next Monday. I feel like The Snake when he's waiting for something: A week, but that's soooo long! I can't wait that looong!


Anonymous said...

I always find the anxiety leading up to getting things going is much worse than when the injections actually start. I hope the anxiety lessens.

chicklet said...

I hate to say it's funny but it is. Cuz this morning and last night I was feeling quite "up" and ready to just suck it up, and tonight I'm all on edge again. I'm done my pills and this is all now very very real.

I'm both sorry and thankful you're stuck in this with me:-(

As for antral follicle counts, I hope they gave you the # cuz I'd never had mine before and it always worried me that we didn't know. Now that I know, I know I have a good # to respond. Still doesn't mean shit for luck, but at least I know I stand a chance. Oh, and that makes me sad too cuz that's just where I am...

Geohde said...

Good luck on your baseline scan. Worrying is Not Fun,