Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eight Things

The yoga-lishous Ms. Planner has tagged me, and thus I shall oblige. Be forewarned, any creative bones have officially left my body as of late. So read-on at your own risk.

Here are EIGHT things about me:

1. Like Ms. Planner, and her personal-tagger Von, I have never had a one night stand. And my mom does not read my blog, so I could tell you if I really had. In fact, I have only ever been with one man, my husband. Yes, that is right, shocking in this day and age. But don't you dare think I took an abstinence oath or adhere to any other sort of right-wing conservative ideals. Oh no, not this gal. I would have done all sorts of bad girl things, really ... if only there had been the opportunity. *sigh*

2. I like to tell all sorts of unromantic stories about my relationship with that one man. I truly love him dearly, but get at thrill out of shocking people with crass perspectives on our couplehood. Like ...
2a. I really wasn't so interested in him when we first met. We were at a party, and I only talked to him to get the answers for an upcoming physics quiz. My roommate had to point out to me that he was interested. (clueless I was)
2b. While living togehter, we realized he would get deported to Canada eventually so started talking seriously about marriage. The proposal came a few weeks later, wedding in 7 months. So I'm kinda his green card wife, although now he is a citizen and doesn't need me anymore.

3. I can not take a complement, at all. I never realized this about myself until a coworker at my college newspaper pointed it out. I think he was hitting on me, but that's beside the point. It is very true. To the point where I get almost rude. It is the worst when it comes from a man.

4. As a kid I liked reading the World Book Encyclopedia. Yes I am a (science) geek. My brother did it too. Mostly I read about animals and health and biology. We had these other editions, I think they were yearly updates on timely discoveries or something. I devoured them.

5. I hated disliked my first grade teacher and the feeling was mutual. This is not just neuroses on my part, it is confirmed from an encounter with her in my college years. Oh yes, she couched things in phrases like "spirited girl" but in fact, our animosity was well known. Yes, I was an opinionated 7-year-old.

6. I didn't take my first airplane ride until I was finished undergraduate college. With my future husband. He's taken me a lot of places.

7. I spent one year of specialty training in small animal transfusion medicine and blood banking. That's right, collecting blood from cats and dogs to give to patients in need. It was a great experience and a wonderful time while I was pregnant with J.

8. A month or so ago I "accidentally" got $9 worth of free gas. The attendant accidentally put someone's $9 on pump nine instead of pump 8. By the time I realized what was going on, I'd already finished out the $9. The other person got their $9 on pump 8. So ... I left. oops.

So now I nominate my first cheerleaders: Leah at My Dusty Ovaries and (the recently quiet) Sticky Bun. Both gals are gestating away and could use some distraction, no?


Geohde said...


I loathed my first grade teacher with a passion. She was a total cow.


niobe said...

Yay! Someone else who loved to read the World Book Encyclopedia! There can't be all that many of us.

Leah said...

Loved these facts. I'm still trying to pick my chin up off the floor regarding your admirable romantic past. Impressive!!

I will get to work on my 8 things right now. :-)

Ms. Planner said...

I loved the World Book Encyclopedia, too! I would spend countless hours on my stomach in the living room reading.

Thanks for the great list and for calling me yoga-licious. Mmm. I like it.

serenity said...

I was opinionated also at 7... and I'm pretty sure that my first grade teacher, who was like 100 years old back then, is probably dead by now.


Wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog today - thanks for stopping by. I think what you said makes a LOT of sense, that at some point I'll find myself in a low point in terms of patience. Makes a lot of sense, and I think it's probably unrealistic of me to think that I WON'T lose my patience at some point, right?

Anyway. Thanks again. I love this community for all the different perspectives. And of course the support too. :)



Sticky Bun said...

These are fabulous! (And I chuckled out loud to myself when I read the part about real couplehood because I thought it said you were asking him questions about a "phonics" quiz rather than a "physics" quiz. And I thought, what a precocious 6 year old?! :-)

And, on that random note, I wanted to thank you so much for your continued comments and support. I'm so sorry I've been so MIA but your presence on my posts has really meant a lot.

And--thanks for the tag! I could use an offbeat post! I'm off to get moving. :-)