Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Da na, Da na, Da Na ... *UPDATED*

DElurk you Lurkers! *

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Okay, in reality I probably don't have too many lurkers. And most of you all are so kind to take the time to jot me a note. But if you haven't ... then comment! While I haven't mastered goog.le analytics enough to track you down, I might figure it out someday. Yeah, someday soon!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programing ...

Tonight I am staring at our hodge-podge of furniture, trying to figure out how to put the living room back together in a way that will make it look big and spacious and homey for when we put the house on the market in the spring. We took out the 3 giant IKE.A bookshelves and are seriously considering not putting them back. Its just NOW what do we do with all the CRAP that was in them? I did actually get them pretty pared down, but ResidentBoy needs a place for all his 3 inch thick texts. Oh well, tackle that tomorrow.

Took my first BCP today. So far I'm feeling okay with the death of the DIY phase. I think I've just reverted to that classic IF state. You know where you just accept that this is a way of life -- you will have chronic dr's appointments, you will take lots of drugs, you will suffer tons of disappointments, etc. You will keep moving forward.

I indulged in a little retail therapy, despite the mounting credit card debit. Bought new bras, cause you know that is what we'd like to buy. Okay, maybe some of you like to buy them. But like I told niobe, they are not my favorite thing to shop for. But I had an extra 30% off coupon and this store actually had my proper size, so I picked up a white and tan bra. Nothing thrilling, sorry to disappoint (both you and ResidentBoy). I got a cute sweater and a zip-up yoga jacket. Just wish I could get into a yoga class (I would need a sitter, money, ya-da, ya-da).

So, since I found the de-lurk day event via niobe, who got it via Magpie, who I'm guessing got it from Ms. Schmutize herself -- I am going to follow niobe's lead and ask any lurkers a few questions:
  • What is your fav holiday (my little J loves Halloween)?
  • Are you glad its fall (I am, I love the crisp nights and mornings with sunny afternoons)?
  • Like or hate pumpkin pie? (I hate pie, but love pumpkin bread, YUM!)

UPDATE -- okay, I KNOW I have 17 subscribers on Bloglines! So ... where are you guys?! So far I only have 4 comments! Are ya sleepin'? Cause that's the only acceptable excuse. Ahh, I'd do anything to be able to go back to sleep. Its so nice and cool, and the quilt is so comfy, and my pillow is so soft, and ... OH, sorry I got lost for a minute. Comments! please?

*if you didn't get it, the title Da nas were supposed to be like Jaws


The Town Criers said...

Seriously, where is my brain tonight? I read the questions, went to comment, and then had to go back and show the original post because I couldn't remember them!

Favourite holiday: mine is Purim. Which is sort of like Jewish Halloween except that it's not.
Am I happy about the fall: yes. Fall is my favourite season BUT I like fall on the day that I cease to hear crickets. It happens sometime around mid-October here. I HATE crickets and August/September/early October is the worst of cricket season.
Do I like pumpkin pie: no. I do not like any pie BUT I love to make pies. It is a sad fate. I don't think I've ever tasted pumpkin pie before, but I have a pumpkin bourbon pecan pie that I make every fall and everyone loves it. And I make apple pies. But I won't try them.

And I'd like to second that I hate shopping for bras. I just keep purchasing the same ones time and time again.

Anonymous said...

No pumpkin pie? How awful for you. Pumpkin pie is one of my favourite things ever!

I hate bra shopping with a passion. I have such a hard time finding bras that fit.

Geohde said...

Fave hols = all of them.

It's not fall where I am.

Memory like a fish...what was the third question?


serenity said...

What kind of nazi are you that you don't like pumpkin pie? :)

Favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. The fire, the snow, the presents, the family time... pretty much the peak of "I love winter." Course, we end up with winter in Ma until about April or so...

I love fall. Crisp mornings and nights, good sleeping weather, foliage, apple cider, pumpkin pie, wearing wool socks and gloves. Yum. I don't like how dark it is all the time, though. That part sucks.

LOOOOOOOOOVE pumpkin pie. love it love it love it.

DD said...

I love a woman willing to call me out!

It's hard for me to pick a favorite season/holiday because with each one's arrival I claim it as my favorite. However, if I was to base it on how much I decorate? It would be Fall. But I love Spring for all the new growth!

Hate pumpkin pie. LOVE pumpkin bread. The pie's texture is too funky for me.

And I totally got the "da na"!

DD said...

Uh...just a small point of FYI: many lurkers don't have blogger accounts so they can't post if you have your "this blog does not allow anonymous comments..."

Kathy said...

Favorite Holiday = Christmas (I love Christmas carols, decorating our Christmas tree and home with lights and nostalgia, watching It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Vacation, spending time with family and friends, giving and opening gifts, cookies and of course celebrating baby Jesus's birth)!

I am glad it is fall, as it is my favorite season! I love it when it is not too hot or too cold and I love the colors on the trees when the leaves change. It is also when my DH and I celebrate our anniversary, his b-day and our son's b-day.

I like pumpkin pie, but don't love it. I do LOVE pumpkin flavored ice cream though, yummy!

I also agree that retail therapy of any kind, even buying bras can help perk up my mood. I probably need to get some new (bigger) ones myself, as 6 + months of doing IVF has added weight to my boobs, in addition to the my body as a whole.

Congrats on starting your BCP! :) I know what you mean about different phases/moods of a cycle and how at times you just accept it as being a way of life. Strange how we can get use to anything... Best wishes that this your cycle! :)

Waiting Amy said...

Thanks dd for letting me know about the anonymous thing -- I thought it was turned on.

SO, now you anonymous lurkers can delurk!

Kate said...

Thanks for the inhaler info!

Delenn said...

De-lurking here...I think I may have posted on your blog before, BUT:

* What is your fav holiday ?
Michael LOVES LOVES LOVES Halloween...I have a Halloween party every year for him. I love Christmas (which is funny because I am an athiest).

* Are you glad its fall?
Fall is my favorite time of year, especially here in New England--its gorgeous!

* Like or hate pumpkin pie? I LOVE pumpkin pie. I have already bought (and ate with Michael's help) a pumpkin pie this season. Our Thanksgiving tradition - pie for breakfast!

Pamela Jeanne said...

Technically I'm not a lurker since I just found you through Portia's blog. I'm involved in the Chain Link Blogging Week to discover new IF blogs. Just wanted to drop by and say Hello. Since I'm here I'll answer your Qs. Fave holiday: definitely Fourth of July. Long hot days, beach time, ice cream, G&Ts...need I say more? Fall is a nice change of pace. Grew up in the midwest so I have a fondness for apple cider and colorful foliage. Pumpkin pie -- big time pass. Hope to see you around! Best to you, PJ

niobe said...

I'm not exactly a lurker and you already know that I hate shopping for shoes. Fall is my favorite season and I'm not all that fond of pumpkin pie -- or of most pies, really. What I like is the crust (mmmm....butter), but the fillings usually don't appeal to me all that much. Favorite holiday? To tell the truth, it's Yom Kippur. Why? That'll just have to be my little secret.

Beagle said...

I missed the official delurk day . . . but hello all the same!

Portia P said...

My favourite holiday is....hmmm....i think it has to be Christmas, because everyone is having a good time together.

On the question of Fall - or autumn as i'm more likely to call it - I'm mixed. I LOVE the beautiful leaves and the crisp weather, but I HATE the shorter days and nights drawing in. Happy to get into my sweaters and cover up though.

I too don't think i've ever eaten pumpkin pie. I'm sure i'd like it - i've never met a pie I didn't like - except those meat pies with jelly in them which are too gross.

I love bra shopping but always shop in the one store and buy matching knickers.


Ms. Planner said...

I am not a lurker, but will gladly comment:

Holiday = Christmas. Why? We spend it skiing/snowboarding. Our season passes are our Christmas presents to each other.

Fall = okay. Hate the increasing darkness. Love the trail running weather and watching for mountain snow advisories.

Pumpkin pie = I prefer pecan pie, which is the Southern pumpkin pie. I make a mean chocolate pecan pie. Note to self: share recipe in November.

I am glad that you are moving in the best direction for you both fertility and emotional-wise.

And I echo what Portia P says: I buy matching bra + panties, too. It seriously bugs me to not have them match. Yes, I am a little OCD. Sigh.

Jennie said...

I'm here via PJ's blog, and bloglines, I'm a chronic lurker it's just my natural state. but for mofo delurk month I will move mountains, kick over ant hills, and get around to commenting where I read. *major melodramatic sigh* at least I'll try thats something right?

* What is your fav holiday ?
that would be christmas for 500 thanks Bill.

* Are you glad its fall?Actually it's spring this side of the world and yes I love it, still cool enough for quilts but days are warm enough to wear pastels. shup i like pastels they let me feel feminine without the expectation of expecting.

* Like or hate pumpkin pie? never ever tried it, we don't do thanksgiving or halloween here so pumpkin pie is something i only ever see in movies or on blogs. not a fan of the stuff unless it's roasted and then only in small amounts. so um maybe that'd be a no if i ever tried it.

Lori said...

Love the Da nas!


I like the summer part of fall but not the winter part of fall.

Cherry pie is better.