Friday, August 17, 2007

What to Do?

It's CD31. No AF. Had significant cramps for the morning of CD25. Have had occasional minor cramps since, but none today. Had typical pimples pre-AF several days ago, but no AF.

Am I late? Do I POAS?

A 32-day cycle is not unusual for me. But I did have (TMI here) a scant amount of EWCM at around CD14. Generally, my luteal phase is a little long on an unmedicated cycle.

I HATE THIS. I have no other symptoms, no reason to hope. The only unusual thing this month has been the weird migraine stuff. Which, by the way, is much better. I'm off the calcium channel blockers and ibupro.fen. But I do occasionally still get a little dizzy/light-headed event when I bend down or turn around quickly.

I want to buy a HPT, but I really think it is just a waste of money. But there is a little part of me that hopes. Since I'm away from Resident-Boy, it would be like de ja vu. When we conceived J, he was off in Colorado on an away-rotation during med school. He couldn't be there for the "EPT moment" in the bathroom. So getting a BFP now would seem on par with how our life goes. When we had the blighted ovum, we were apart during some of that time too -- and ironically I was staying with my sister then also, as I am now.

UGH. I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm trying to just wait it out a few more days. If AF doesn't arrive later this weekend, I think I'll need that stick. Maybe I can use it to beat her off?


DD said...

Tee-hee. You said "beat her off".

If you haven't been tempted so far to poas, then I know you can make it another week. I was always looking for early signs, but when I did get pregnant the symptoms didn't come until wk 5-6.

If you have to know, find yourself one of those dollar stores and buy a couple of cheapie tests. They do work, but you have to really hunt for the tests on the store's shelves.

Reproductive Jeans said...

I hope that if you do get an evil pee stick that its nothing but 2 lines for ya! Ill check back with you to see what you decided=)

Waiting Amy said...

dd -- I said that ("beat her off") on purpose. tee-hee.

I'm actually babysitting my 8 year old niece, so I think that might keep me from shopping. Too hard to explain. But never say never.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if buying a HPT can beat the bitch off, I am buying hundreds!!

I hope you get a good surprise soon. And not your period.

I am glad the headaches are getting better!

Kristen said...

I hope AF is holding out for a reason!

Sending good thoughts your way and will be checking in for (hopefully) good news :)