Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

Things here are HOT. We are having a bit of a heat wave. Okay, nothing like the Mojave Desert, but pretty hot for here. So, I am neglecting the house and all those things I'm not getting done anyway -- and just trying to stay cool. I think we will be hitting the pool and any air conditioned store I can justify. No cooking, no cleaning, no obsessing. Okay, you know I'm obsessing a little, but I'm trying not to.

No news on the plumber front. I'm waiting to talk with my neighbor the contractor. I'm feeling rather lackadaisical on that issue. Oh, but DH got me some eye stain from work and Lu Lu did not have an ulcer and actually her eye looks all better today! Yea, something is going right!

I'm a little nervous about this week. Its CD16, so I should be ovulating (or did). I refuse to do the OPK thing. I just can't hold it for 4 hours, which I understand is the proper way to do it. We ditched them pretty early on when I was doing IUI, and used trigger shots instead. So instead I bought some wine and just plan to do the nasty as much as possible. I've only done the DHEA for 2 weeks, so really it is unlikely to do anything yet, but I'm hoping. Actually I've not even taken it three times a day all the time either. I've been having some really mild dizziness occasionally and some headaches. But the headaches are more tension type. I backed off the DHEA a couple of days since I read it can cause elevated blood pressure (thus the dizziness??). I order some micronized DHEA online to see if that makes any difference. I don't really have any other symptoms though, so maybe these symptoms are from something else. No acne, no increase in my irritability, no real change in libido (bummer huh?). I guess I'll just wait and see. Gotta love that waiting ...


Knock Me Up said...

In the IF world it seems waiting is what we do best. I hope waiting works for you and good things come your way.

Anonymous said...

I have the acne. Want some of it? I am more than willing to share!