Wednesday, August 8, 2007

No Explosion

Well, my head didn't explode. And my headache(s) is better. Today was the most normal day that I have had in more than a week, but it still required regular doses of NSAIDs. However, I'm definitely not normal (this you already know). I did make an appointment with my Family Dr. for tomorrow am. I guess I will keep it even though it seems I am getting better.

So I'm trying to prepare for my trip to see family, as well as prepare my kitchen for demolition (ok, MINOR demolition, but still). While I am away, my kitchen walls and ceiling will be opened up to expose the pipes that feed the bath upstairs so that the water supply pipes can be changed. I'm a little excited. While I'd much rather not be spending money on this endeavor, at least we are getting new faucets for the bathroom and a new vanity (cheap, but new). Here are the boring fixtures I bought, the shower ones are basically the same. I really wanted a different vanity and fancier faucets, but the reality is that we are leaving this house in less than 12 months. So it just needs to be new and fresh, not fancy.

Oh, and did I mention that I giving up this weekend to an SIL visit? Yes, it is my DH's birthday, and his last weekend off this summer. And are we doing something romantic? Are we finally having special family time? Are we reconnecting and declaring our undying love? Uh, no. We will be taking 2 four-year-olds to the fair and a baseball game. Then I leave for 2 weeks. But I'm not bitter. I'm NOT! well, maybe a little, sush!

I'm sort of excited to spend so much time with my family. I think it will be fun. My parents got a new puppy, my oldest brother has taken some time off, and hopefully I'll catch up with my old friends. It should be win-win. I just know that there will be lots of running around which might be tiring. And I will be expecting AF soon after I get there. This last month was DIY, and I'm not hopeful. Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not devastated or anything. I just no longer believe I will conceive in a non-treatment cycle (when I did last Dec it was blighted ovum, so who needs that?). I'm not even sure I'll conceive in a treatment cycle. I guess I'll see what happens with my family doc, then see if I can tolerate returning to the DHEA, then talk with my RE.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad the head feels better.

After my DHEA break, I started taking one pill for a few days and then built my way back up to 3 slowly. It wasn't so bad the second time.