Thursday, August 9, 2007

Eye See You

Saw my GP today. Confirmed ocular migrane, since I mostly have eye pain, vision issues with associated headache. Gave prescription for calcium channel blocker which helps with vasospasm (twitching blood vessels, one of the culprits of migrane). It helped some, but I still couldn't get off the ibupro.fen. I'm hoping this is going to get better soon.

One site I looked at talked about hormone changes affecting/triggering migranes. It specifically fingered decreasing estrogen and a common trigger. Big time points in womens' lives for migrane onset include pregnancy and menopause. I have never had migranes before. I'd rather have them because I'm pregnant. But I'm more afraid its menopause.

I'm just hoping AF comes soon and that shifts something around to break the cycle of migranes. Dealing with J isn't helping since the screaming at him to stay out of trouble seems to be exacerbating my tension headache portion. Trying to prep the house for construction/repairs and pack for a 2 week trip and get ready for weekend company isn't helping either.

Sorry I don't have much more to share. I've been thinking about some more interesting stuff about friendships etc -- but can't get it together to post yet.


Anonymous said...

I hope the migraines are better soon. I took calcium channel blockers for a while, they did help.

Portia P said...

i hope the calcium channel blockers do the trick.

Could it just be all the IVF drugs messing up your hormones and not the dreaded "m" word - which we older gals dare not say aloud?