Friday, August 3, 2007

Cult of Personality

Thanks Serenity for posting this one. I've always wanted to do one of these but have never taken the time. It was fun. Spooky that we are the same type! And it only represents 0.5% of women.

Here is my profile:

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INTJ are "introspective, analytical, determined persons with natural leadership ability. Being reserved, they prefer to stay in the background while leading. Strategic, knowledgable and adaptable, INTJs are talented in bringing ideas from conception to reality. They expect perfection from themselves as well as others and are comfortable with the leadership of another so long as they are competent. INTJs can also be described as decisive, open-minded, self-confident, attentive, theoretical and pragmatic."

I liked reading the list of careers they say match this personality type. Scientist was on there, as well as teacher/professor (a job I've considered). Photographer was really the only creative or artsy job there, which I though was facinating. Photography is my favorite hobby, and in high school I actually wanted to be a photojournalist. Of the famous people with this personality type, 3 of the women were TV journalists. Strange to take a little test and see such similarities.


niobe said...

Hey, I'm an INTJ too -- though my J/P split was actually fairly close.

Kinda makes you wonder how they determined that it represents only .5% of women, doesn't it?

serenity said...

Yay! Two others!

And I do agree with niobe. I MARRIED an INTJ, and I am one myself. I'll bet that they mean the people who test as INTJ, versus the entire population. Maybe we just don't take as many personality tests. :)

Sticky Bun said...

Hubby was an INTJ, too! (And I, kind of the opposite--ENFP. I guess opposites attract.) :-)

Anonymous said...

I came back ISTJ and so did my husband. We are not too far off!