Thursday, July 12, 2007

Protocols, DHEA and more -- Part 2

Okay, so DHEA seems to be a hot topic among many of us lately. I am definitely NOT an expert, as I haven't even started taking it yet (still in the 2ww post IUI). But I thought I'd at least post the little info I have and a couple of sites I found that you might want to check out.

Here is how the US National Library of Medicine defines DHEA, its uses and potential side-effects -- such as "In women, the most common side effects are abnormal menses, emotional changes, headache, and insomnia." Reality recently experienced some of these and found a way to combat the insomina. The biggest precaution I've found is in individuals with arrhythmias, as DHEA can possibly cause arrhythmias. "Individuals with a history of abnormal heart rhythms, blood clots or hypercoagulability, and those with a history of liver disease, should avoid DHEA supplements."

Some of the preliminary work with DHEA in infertility is/was being done at the C.enter for Human Repr.oduction in NYC. You'll need to look through their website to find several different areas regarding DHEA. This article also showed some of the positive aspects of DHEA in infertility.

Regarding dosing -- well, my dear Dr Mumbles has yet to give me a dose, as I am still in my 2ww. But I have heard a variety of doses. Rumor has it that at CHR they use 25mg micron.ized DHEA three times per day. One thing must be considered -- that this is a "nutricutical" and is not regulated by the FDA. Therefore you must be careful about the quality of the product you use and the continuity of the quality. There was a good discussion over at Aurelia's site today, so read the comments. Okay, I'm done disseminating data. Hope it was helpful to have in one place and not redundant.

As for me, I'm trying to not head to the store for HPTs. If I start POAS now, I could track the downfall of the trigger and then watch. But honestly, I can't afford that many! I'm having some mild intermittent breast tenderness, and my ovarian discomfort lasted longer after this IUI than any of my others (although this is the largest number of follicles I've had for an IUI). I think this is all most likely from the progesterone made by my CLs. I've had similar symptoms after other IUIs, but then they stopped after implantation window. I'm 6dpIUI, so still a little to early to say. Probably might get a sense this weekend, but who knows. I hope I don't get too emotional because we have this big beach party with all his resident-mates. The whole department gets together. I really want to enjoy this family day and not let IF screw me up. Its going to be hard not to think about though because my IRL friend who cycled just before me will be there. I think she is amazing and has been through so much. So far she has a positive after this IVF, but with some significant spotting/bleeding. She's hoping there is one embryo holding on. I hope so too! But we are sure to talk about things. I guess I just have to keep perspective and hope, right?


Anonymous said...

The melatonin has really helped so far with the insomnia.

I hope DHEA proves to be a wonder drug for all of us.

Anonymous said...

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