Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Thank you so much for the condolences and good wishes for my friends. I promise to keep you updated, as I'm sure this will not stop being a part of my life. Thanks also for the help with the knitting stuff and food ideas. I knew I could count on you guys, I really appreciate you're including links to sites and everything! I'll let you know how my project is going.

There's not much to say except I feel awful. I feel bad complaining, because I know some people have had that hyperemesis issue, and I'm not even puking. But I feel like I should ALL THE TIME. And the migraines with dizziness don't help. I'm taking tyel.nol now and then, but it only does so much. I tried ginger altoids, and they definitely do help -- but they taste terrible!

I just can't seem to get much done. And the weather is crappy, super cold and snowing, so I don't want to run errands. I feel useless. Ugh. I know it will get better. But I'm starting to think about calling my new OB office to see if they can either see me earlier or prescribe something. I can't believe it's only been a week since my last RE visit. It feels like its been ages, and will be ages longer until I'm close to 12 weeks. And what will I do if the migraines last longer!?

One day at a time, I suppose. Sorry for the pity party.


Lori said...

I'd come to any party you throw, pity or not.

Have you tried meditating through your migraines? You might check out my chakra posts that could be applicable.


Sorry you're feeling blue today.

Katie said...

The last couple days, I have felt better, which really has me worrying - I am NEVER happy!

It's good you aren't actually throwing up, but I imagine you are still feeling pretty lousy.

Have you tried ginger tea? I have to had lemon and honey or sugar to it, but it doesn't taste as bad as the ginger Altoids (I've used those, too) and works just as well for me. It's almost enjoyable to have a cup of nice, hot tea.

Also, have you tried a B6 vitamin supplement? I am doing that this time and it seems to help a little, especially with the morning queasies.

Tash said...

I am so. so. sorry about your friend(s). What a horrible thing to go through. But how lovely that they have you looking out for them, even if you do feel like ass. Hang in there.

Adriane said...

Just catching up and read your last two posts. I am so, so sorry to hear about your friend. It's just so blindsiding. The knitted hat is a great idea.

Sorry you are still feeling sick! I have no tips on the sickness - I am drinking lots of apple juice and diet 7up, which is helping me. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

singletracey said...

Everyone is allowed pity parties! I am so sorry about your friend..

I hope the migrane stops soon.. you poor thing!

Artblog said...

I know what your going through so you don't have to apologize in my opinion. Hope you get through it. HUGS


Ms Heathen said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell.

And you're right - somehow the weather does seem to make everything seem so much worse.

Aurelia said...

No apologies necessary, just take care of yourself and you will get through it.