Thursday, January 24, 2008

Status Quo

I'm fine. I was tired of seeing the pity party post. The nausea is better, headaches better but still around. Pants tight. I can't believe I have to wait another WEEK until my OB appointment! What was I thinking? I could have been seen today, but I would have had to make childcare arrangements. So I opted for next Thursday afternoon. Ugh.

I wish I had the energy to creatively tell you about my recent issue with The Snake -- but I don't. Basically he has been waking up in the middle of the night, trying to get in bed with us. Every night. Multiple times a night. We have not permitted that in many, many, many months. And if it happened it was only because I didn't wake up when he tried. Last night it started at about 12:30 am and went on every 1-2 hours until Resident Boy rose at 5 am. Needless to say, I wound up screaming insanely at a 4-year-old who was definitely not going back to sleep. Not pretty.

I think Resident Boy is right, that it is likely related to anxiety over the frequently discussed move to LA. Yesterday was kindergarten registration, and his Pre-K is part of the elementary school. So all his friends were getting signed up, but we will be leaving. Plus, I suspect he suspects something else is up (ie the babies). But I'm just not ready to tell him. Especially without a recent ultrasound under my belt. I'm employing some new strategies tonight, so we'll see how it goes.


Please send some love to some friends who need it:

My dear cyclesista Tracey is suffering a loss. Please send support.
JJ and Mook got disappointing news after their FET.
LAS is having a nerve-wracking appointment tomorrow.


chicklet said...

The Tracey thing just makes me so so sad - getting a + and then having it taken, gawd. This whole thing is awful.

I'm glad you're feeling better though and you get your appointment in a week. Yea, waiting a week sucks but now you have something to look forward to:-)

Katie said...

So sad about your friend, Tracey. And I already was over to JJ and Moosk's page earlier today. It makes me wonder WHY this all has to be so hard sometimes.

Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better, but hope you get some more sleep soon!

slouching mom said...

Playing musical beds at night is so hard, and must be especially so when you're in your first trimester.

Hope you can catch daytime naps now and then.

And he won't be climbing into your bed forever, even though it might feel like it at the moment.

singletracey said...

Hey you.. just wanted to say Thanks for the support. I am doing okay... I am looking forward to watching things progress with you. I hope to be back on the TTC in a couple of months :-)

Hope you continue to feel better...