Monday, September 10, 2007

Making Progress

While I haven't actually been a whirling dervish of achievment, I have actually gotten a little more accomplished the past few days. I had another garage sale this Saturday, which didn't do nearly as well as the one in early summer. But I still got rid of some stuff and made about $50. Plus, DH took J for the morning so when I wasn't selling I got to finish a book.

Then we spent a Sunday afternoon with friends, D & Z, who face IF also. There was one other couple there, who were nice. We ladies had a good time talking feminist issues and childrearing stuff. The other girl (lady? woman? chick? I never know what term to use!) was finishing her doctorate in child psychology. So we covered lots of topics -- daycare vs SAHM effect, early childhood education, the role of teachers in lifetime learning. It was really intellectually interesting. Something I haven't had much lately.

Unfortunately, this week I'm still procrastinating about the pile of bills and paperwork that need filing. But I blame genetics for that -- my dad is just as bad. A few more days of getting organized, then I'm headed back to PA for a wedding and a last visit to family and friends before winter sets in here. I'm excited for the wedding -- its black tie and we are renting a hotel room and staying over. Date night, big time!


niobe said...

From the outside, this sounds like an extremely productive weekend and an exciting trip to look forward to. But reading this reminds me of my own undone paperwork, which I've been trying (unsuccessfully and counterproductively) to ignore.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time at the wedding and an even better date night.

Rachel said...

Sounds like you're busy. That's good. It's a great distraction. Hope you have a great time! (And I say woman. If she's in school getting a PhD, she certainly deserves the title! :) )

Sticky Bun said...

(fwiw, I'm the worst procrastinator in the world.)

I hope you have fun at the wedding! It's so fun to get that dressed up and there are so few opportunities. :-)