Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have not gotten my house clean.
I have not managed to get my shower/tub drain fixed.
I have not packed for my trip this weekend.
I have not folded 4 loads of laundry.
I have not cooked dinner.
I have not ironed my husband's work shirts.
I have not found a realtor.
I have not touched up the damaged paint to sell the house.
I have not paid the bills.
I have not organized last seasons old pre-schooler clothes for consignment.
I have not started the taxes.
I have not returned the library books or movies.
I have not stocked the freezer to feed my DH while I'm away next week.
I have not picked up dog food.
I have not ... achieved very much lately.

It is bitter cold, snowing and gray. I am tired. sigh.


jakelliesmom said...

Amy - I've also not done at least half the things on your list, but I'm also not pregnant with twins. Most things can wait. Do what you can and give yourself a break.

Rebecca said...

Amy...coming from a similar place as you (pg with twins), who gives a shit? You'll be fine and you need this time to take care of yourself...remember what's truly important...all of this crap will get done. Don't be so hard on yourself! That's what my husband keeps saying to myself after I go through a list like you just did...you're not alone!

serenity said...

You know, some days are just like that. Sit down, relax, watch a movie. Forget about the "to do" list.

*hug* Hope it's better today.