Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully a history-changing day.

So many have blogged about all the turmoil and issues surrounding this fateful day. Sadly I haven't the time to express what so many of you had cleverly and passionately shared. All I can say is I will be proud to cast my vote tomorrow. And on this day I will be very happy to have moved to California and be given the chance to voice my opposition to Prop 8. There is so much wrong with this movement, and being inundated with the ads has been nothing short of torture.

So tomorrow I will say no to Prop 8, and yes to hope. Yes to a better tomorrow.

Yes to Aqua Bama.*

*this is what The Snake calls him, and being the good son his is, he would vote for him too (if he could)


Brandi said...

I wish I still lived in CA so I could vote No on Prop. 8. Here in CO, we have an amendment that's trying to get passed that will define a person's life as starting from conception and not at birth, so it would essentially make abortions, infertility treatments, and even birth control illegal. I can't imagine it passing.

docgrumbles said...

Well, no exciting propositions in my state, but I did cast my vote for Aqua Bama! Now I'll picture him in an Aqua Man costume! Lol!

Ms. Planner said...

Aqua Bama is perfect! I forget what prop 8 is? Is that gay marriage? I am so interested to see what Cali will do on this issue.